Mission: To celebrate the history, design, lifestyle, and ownership of iconic American Bungalows and Cottage. Small home, big life.

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Our social, web reach and specific targeted Bungalow & Cottage exposure to enthusiasts is a win-win for your property exposure. They'll love it, say it, and share it.

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Join our growing network of expert Bungalow & Cottage agents nationwide, ready to help our friends and followers find the perfect bungalow or cottage to call home.

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Big Life Travel is our effort to help facilitate the adage small home, big life. We host a growing list of national Bungalow and cottage BnB's to visit.

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After 3 decades of sales & leadership, Mark stepped back to explore and share his passion for the design, history, lifestyle and ownership of Bungalows and cottages.

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OK, when meditating, minimalism, journaling, travel, and reading all fail...well a little focused B&C shopping can't hurt. We've curated it well.

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Online networks impact much of what we do and discuss today. We keep the convo fresh & positive to help you aspire to a simple, less is more approach to home life.



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