History & Design

Floor Plans Library

The many ways we lay out living spaces to accommodate for convenience, flow, safety, health and happiness and create "home".

Our Growing Library

After 100 years many books and magazines that defined architectural designs 100 years ago are now in the public domain.

Iconic B&C Ad Art

B&C ad art exemplifies the values, ideals, and dreams of builders and owners in the early 20th Century. Its rad and looks great at home.


We are starting to explore the neighborhoods around the country that are rich in bungalow or cottages history and architecture.

You Can DIY

We are curating the resources for authentically restoring, improving and adding to your bungalow and cottage journey.

Spotlight - Ross Chapin

Few architects epitomize the spirit and authenticity of Bungalow construction & community like the Ross Chapin.

Home of the Day Archive

The Small Home, Big Life Journal is our journal into our passion for the smaller footprints, designs, history, lifestyles and ownership of B&C's

Historic Kit Homes

Sears, Alladin, and a few other cos. brought the "Kit home" to America. The awesome results are the homes we will celebrate here.

Pocket Neighborhoods

Small infill neighborhoods built from smart planning and conscious construction are popping up all over the place, and we love it!
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