The Best Bungalow Paint Colors

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Its an often asked question at the B&C, “what are the best bungalow paint colors?” Well, bungalow color palettes typically remain true to their roots, even as modern paint-mixing technology opens up limitless shades. The resulting new mixtures and hues evoke historical traditions while also allowing for many new creative expressions both inside and out.

The craftsman palette brings that unmistakable warm and inviting autumn feel to any home. From muted walls to furniture in shades of nature, these colors have a certain timelessness – think Hubbard-squash orange and zucchini green! It’s the perfect way to bring some cozy vibes into your living space.

If you love the Craftsman style of architecture, then you know a beautifully painted bungalow can really seal the deal. But what if there isn’t enough time in the day to pour over hundreds of paint chips and swatches to find the best bungalow paint colors for you? Where do you even begin? Don’t worry! We have the solution: we have researched all the different Craftsman bungalow color palettes and narrowed them down for you. First, discover which hues work best with our fave historic American home architecture style. Then, we’ll show you five classic Craftsman color palettes to give your piece of paradise a polished new look. Read on for some eye-catching inspiration and clever tips from professionals who can make any bungalow shine!

Whether you’re looking for something subtle or bold, take inspiration from these beautiful Craftsman Bungalow color palettes – you may be surprised by what perfectly curated colors can do. From historical-inspired hues to contemporary trends, there are plenty of shades to choose from that will make your Craftsman home stand out. You’ll find everything here to discover your best bungalow paint colors- vibrant tones sure to turn heads, monochromatic  schemes easy on the eyes, and classic favorites with just enough vibrancy. So explore our favorite picks and get excited about finding the perfect fit for your mini-masterpiece.

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7 Things To Think About when Selecting Your Bungalow Color Palette

1.The colors of your Craftsman bungalow should be in harmony with the natural surroundings, whether it be an urban or rural setting.


2. Choose a statement palette that reflects the style and character of your house. Look for bolder, brighter hues when choosing exterior colors to make

3.Use Colors That Accentuate the Characteristics of a Craftsman Home: Colors like warm and earthy shades of yellow, green, brown, and red are great choices for painting a Craftsman home.

4. Consider Exterior Materials: If you plan to paint your Craftsman home, be sure to take into account the type of exterior material used such as brick or stucco. The wrong color or texture can detract from the look of your home.


5. Incorporate Natural Light: To bring out the personality of your Craftsman home, use paints that reflect natural light and brighten up dark spots.


6. Choose an Appropriate Sheen: A flat finish will give your home a softer look while high gloss finishes provide more durability against weathering and fading from UV rays.


7. Consider Maintenance Requirements: Regularly maintaining the paint job on your Craftsman home is important in preserving its architectural beauty over time. Be sure to choose a quality paint that is easy to clean and maintain with minimal touch-up requirements throughout its lifetime.

In our projects, we usually start with our favorite solution, Benjamin Moore paints. Below their color experts have picked six perfect shades to bring out the best of bungalow style, a tasteful combination of earthy and elegant. Bring the beauty of outdoor living inside which is what the craftsman vibe is all about.

Crafty architectural gems feature timeless low-pitched triangular roofs, neat tapered columns and wide windows that open up on cozy front porches – perfect for soaking in natural views. If you want to really bring out your unique style, try one of their perfectly crafty exterior paint colors inspired by nature’s hues – we guarantee it will be stunning!

Here are Benjamin Moore's suggested best bungalow paint colors:

Arranging What bungalow Paint Colors Where

Take the Craftsman look to a whole new level with a floor plan featuring Cloud White OC-130. That’ll bring in all kinds of welcoming vibes, while you can add just enough character by introducing Fantasy Blue 716 as your accent wall. Want more off-white inspo? Look no further than Benjamin Moore’s Off White Collection – we’re especially crushing on their shades like White Dove OC-17, Acadia White OC-38 and Calm OC-22! Give your living area an airy and natural look with traditional Craftsman elements like rafters, beams, brackets—all highlighted by rich wood trusses on the walls and ceiling in Soft Chamois OC-13.
To really pull it all together there are shades of more warm whites like that have red, orange or yellow undertones – Pink Damask OC-72; Pompeii OC-82; MayonnaiseOC85 – or cool whites which come complete with green blue violet vibes: Distant GrayOC68, Decorator’s White OC149 &White Wisp OCT54 are great options to choose from. Built-ins such as benches, window seats and bookcases are a timeless way to bring both classic flair and make the most of space in bungalows or Craftsman homes. To take things up a notch with your built-in furnishings, why not paint trim and ceiling in matching colors? A subtle greenish tinge on Overcast OC-43 provides an excellent backdrop for Manor Blue 1627 walls. Or check out their articles on analogous or monochromatic color schemes if you’re looking for sweet harmonies! Stone is another cornerstone element of the style – recreate that cool stone look with Silver Half Dollar 2121-40, Steel Wool 2121-20 or Stone 2112 40 hues; something easily achievable within any crafty design project! Fireplaces are a key feature of the Craftsman style home – even when not functional, they can be personalized with flowers, mirrors or baskets to make them feel warm. To really elevate your space, select a color that suits you best; we recommend Natural Linen 966 for soft sandy vibes! Don’t forget trim and doors in High Park CC-620 against white Steam AF-15 from their Affinity Collection mix & match range! And don’t neglect those stones either – adding some stonework is what gives any design its ultimate Craftsman touch.

A Cool Indy Solution for your Best Bungalow Paint Colors:

We also dig The Homestead House Paint Company from Canada. They are the only Canadian Milk Paint manufacturer, a family company providing premium Zero VOC paint with quality historic colors. The Craftsman Collection to the left is a great start for coloring a cool crafty.


Their CRAFTSMAN COLOUR COLLECTION is a premium paint for getting the job done both indoors and outdoors. This 100% acrylic formulation will provide an incredibly durable, breathable finish that stands up to fading. And with no vinyl ingredients in its mix, it produces a satin-flat shine after drying — so you can brush on, spray or roll your craftsman masterpiece into place!




Our favorite Craftsman Bungalow paint resources

Our Three Favorite Interior Craftsman Bungalow Paint Combinations

Below are the 3 interior and 3 exterior color combos that float our boat on bungalows.  We are fairly tradition in our approach but only because thats how we roll.  As you know we celebrate all bungalows and cottages, restored, renovated, switched around and reimagined.  We love stark, bright, color drenched and white. So what you decide to do with your home is a celebration of what you want and we love that.  It’s what your own home is all about.  So when we post our home of the day, we are celebrating the expression of another soul in and through their home and everything that means to them.  Comfort, security, joy, memories, love, pride, happiness and everything else.  Small home, big life.  You do you and we support that.  

Interior Color Palettes

Exterior Color Palettes

Awesome Paint Matching Apps

Our above favorite combo suggestions our just our attempt to give you some ideas if your are having trouble finding a great look but they are just some ideas.  Its your home and should reflect exactly how you feel your bungalow should look for any and many reasons. These apps can help you match these and other colors with paint companies that will help you get it right.  The Benjamin Moore Color Portfolio Mobile app, Google’s Colorsnap App, Project Color Home Depot App, and the Colorsnap Paint Color App by Sherwin-Williams are all great solutions for finding the exact color s and schemes that will work for your home. 


So get stirring and brushing and share your color schemes and ideas below, we would love to hear and share.  Also if you are up for the challenge we welcome home tour submissions for our “Home Tour” section of The Journal.


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